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July 2011
USA Today
Tough new clean-air rules will target drifting pollution

Washington Post
Documents show Exxon reassured regulators that failed Montana pipeline was deeply buried

June 2011
Green Economy Post
12 Clean Energy Trends to Watch in 2011 and Beyond

The Street
Big Oil Tax Battle: Energy Stock Impact

Washington Post
PROMISES, PROMISES: White House misses own deadline for installing solar panels on roof

Washington Post
Three-quarters of US nuke sites have had tritium leaks, often into groundwater

BioMass Magazine
Inspiring Invest

May 2011
The Street
Big Oil Tax Battle: Energy Stock Impact

The Times-Tribune
Districts look to save energy

July 2010
A Green Retreat
Why the environment is no longer a surefire political winner

June 2010
The Herald-Sun
Assessing the true cost of oil
The oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico reminds us that offshore oil exploration and drilling comes at a very real environmental and economic cost.

The Herald-Sun
BP ought to tell hypocritical Americans to take a hike
Ever since oil started gushing from its well in the Gulf of Mexico, the British energy company BP has responded precisely the way you'd expect from a massive corporation caught up in a terrible mess.

The Herald-Sun
Oil-spill missteps may engulf Obama's policy wins
The Obama presidency, as it passes 500 days in power, is marked by a dichotomy that surprises allies and adversaries alike -- historic policy triumphs and political debacles.

Bay State rethinking wood power
Worse for climate than coal, study says

The Herald-Sun
Clean Energy Durham deploys trainers' class
Clean Energy Durham, in its fourth year, is dedicated to teaching neighborhoods through numerous programs how to become more energy-efficient.

April 2010
BBC Forum
Bogota Bus System

Tomorrow’s Energy – Series

March 2010
The Herald-Sun
Durham expands energy programs
Neighborhoods interested in saving money on their energy bills now have a second chance to apply to the City of Durham’s Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program.

February 2010
Gathering Puts Energy Into Improving Power Grid